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Erie Water Treatment Controls

Who We Are

Based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Purifiner® is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality water treatment equipment.

Dealers throughout Ontario and across Canada use our water purification systems and water softeners to create clean, healthy drinking water and pure water for residential and industrial use.

Fifty Years Experience:

Purifiner® has over fifty years of experience in the water treatment industry.

Erie Water Treatment Controls:

Purifiner®  has been selling water treatment systems utilizing exclusively Erie Water Treatment controls, guaranteeing that we will provide you with products and support second to none.

What We Do

Purifiner Services:

At the Purifiner® factory, you can expect such services as a full wet lab for water testing, onsite warranty service on all water treatment equipment. Also a large inventory of water conditioning components, resins and filtration media, that enable us to meet your product requirements. Purifiner is a true water treatment specialist, providing both sales and competent technical support.

Water Treatment Systems:

Purifiner® is proud to offer a full line of water treatment systems including filtration equipment for the removal of hardness chlorine, iron, sulphur, taste and odour, sediment and other contaminants.

Water Softeners:

If hard water is an issue to you, Purifiner®'s extensive line of water softeners will provide conditioned soft water for your family. Through the use of various resins, we generate a full line of ion exchange equipment for the removal of extremely high levels of hardness, iron, tannin, nitrate and sulphate.

Water Filters:

If Staining is an issue to you, Purifiner®'s complete line of water filters can provide the economical choice. Iron, manganese staining causing red, brown, grey or black staining can be easily eliminated from your water.We manufacture water filters to remove elements causing taste and odour issues as well. Please lets us steer you to the right water filter for you.

Water Purification Systems:

Purifiner® offers a full line of water purification systems, such as reverse osmosis and distillers to produce pure healthy clean drinking water. For the removal of bacteria, Purifiner carries a full line of ultra-violet water sterilizers.

Water Store Products
Dealer Opportunities

Possible Careers In Water

Retail Water Treatment Store:

Purifiner®'s water treatment distributors are not traditional franchises. Instead we offer flexible business opportunities starting from as low as $10,000 to full turnkey water store operations.

Your Own Bottling Plant:

Imagine your own bottling plant, manufactured by Purifiner, ensuring you the ability to sell bottled water and accessories such as pure drinking water coolers directly to the public.

Deal Directly With The Manufacturer:

Your water bottling plant or water treatment centre will be completely supported with full sales and unsurpassed technical support for your water equipment. We look after your water quality from the street to the bottle.

Purifiner TM Is A Registered Trademark Of Waterite Inc.

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